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5 Reasons to Outsource Your Business Printing

Are you a small to medium enterprise who’s currently printing all their promotional materials in-house? Are your product flyers, business cards, brochures, catalogues, and other printed collateral produced from your own office printer? It is time to stop this practice and let the professionals do it. The fact that your printer can produce reasonable quality print, does not mean that you should just print it yourself. You may think that this would result to company savings, but the fact is, outsourcing your business printing needs equals to good business sense. Here’s why:

1. No lost opportunity for your staff. You would not hire someone specifically for the task of printing your marketing brochures and flyers and other collateral, so chances are, the task will be delegated to someone who will be pulled from their regular job. For small to medium enterprises, this will mean lost productivity for your business for results that will not be as effective. Your time and effort are better invested somewhere in your business and letting professional designers and printers take care of your printing needs.

2. High-quality and appealing printed collateral. Your printed collateral is a direct reflection of your business. Average quality business cards and mediocre brochures will not have the best impact for your brand. Any saving you make from doing the work in house will be quickly eaten up by lost sales. Professional printed material sells product.

Hiring professionals to handle your business printing needs will ensure that your company will stand out from your competitors – by guaranteeing that your brand colours are consistent, images, texts, and layouts are all visually appealing, and printed using quality materials.

3. Doing so could be cheaper for you in the long run. Producing high quality marketing collateral means investing in expensive professional standard printers, and other media such as ink and paper. You will also have to consider storage costs (for the materials and equipment), maintenance costs, and even manpower (if you’ll hire someone with the capability to produce professionally-designed printed collateral). Now compare these costs with that of outsourcing your printing needs and paying for only what you need, when you need it. The latter will result in more savings in the long run.

4. Get more options. Hiring professional designers and printers will give you more options for your collateral, compared to doing it in-house wherein you might be limited to the A3/A4 medium and office quality print media. With professionals who use the fastest professional printing technology and a wide range of media in stock, your options are limitless.

5. You’re less stressed out. Putting in long work hours just to come up with a professional-level layout or trying to work out that printer jam? Minimize your stress and just let the professionals do the layout and printing for you, while you concentrate on what is most important to your business.

Here at uClick Solutions, we can design and print all of your business collateral. uClick Solutions is the only Graphic Design studio, print shop and sign shop in Derrimut. If you are looking for a printer in Derrimut, Laverton, Point Cook, Werribee, or any of the other Melbourne Western Suburbs, collaborate with us and we will produce high end, custom-tailored and highly-effective printed material for your business.